Your love is forever

Also remember that he has a price Not right away van
I still feel like a swift left hand drive
eyes tightly passionate evening we exchanged Tu Dan
I love his heart sing songs forever.

I miss him very near the heart valves me singing
Sweet ferry take to make you seethe
As word gentle waves lull you to sleep joke
Word Tua said he cast a cool wind over my mind.

Do you know what price you think you just love tales
Compare prices where there are two we there is a heaven /> <br soul Em Trong warm arms
the end I replaced both of us tomorrow’s sun.

I tell you if a polished I forgot
market price or when you choose a small town habituation
Application For internal memories intact ay
I’ll wait another day about the liver look very minute.

I will gather all faith beliefs in mind as the winds would send
Take that you love burning
My love forever will be unique
Hope you understand Comparison of you choose to love.

I will remove all doubts melted
jealousy over his application drawing provision
perfect love will love you with love As the sweet childhood love FIRST
only cost him a card in my heart forever.

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