Poetry write you

I’m sorry to have spent
wild birds flying in the opposite direction as the wind blows me
tears fell hot day
only made his heart more burning desire freedom.

I would sorry for the recognition and
He never thought about before you post
Only when fear takes me back
I first tender words sweet lips.

I’m sorry for the
distances of each visit lasting from weeks to months
I’m sorry for what he absently at
Remember when a person holding hands.

I’m sorry for those minutes
mellow side is that he does not like to ask
old heart ever burned
cooled down as the trip.

To a day when the years go by
He startled me da nostalgia kill
By now you understand, he was or, you know
I was boundless of his life.

That left things very fragile
I’ll wait, will wait until you forgive me
Let my heart after so many days
Add asleep once, burning to love you.

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