Time is love

We always say time is money. That is really difficult to imagine a life without money? But have you ever chosen a different wording, such as: “Time Is Love” for example?

Simply because a the best things we can for those we love, it’s time.
If you really love someone, you will always find ways and create conditions for possible side that person, or simply take time to think about them. A man in love will never be the excuse that he did not have time to reject the one you love, even just a phone call or an email.

Maybe sometimes need to review love his absence to care or love you always refused because he is very busy and very much to do. Furthermore, there is definitely something you still love him if you feel sorry when my time there who love?
Entrained flow non-stop hectic life, daily passes we are very busy, it seemed no time at the party lovers. But if you really love, nothing is impossible.

Every moment together, happy moment, and that moment is the moment of love. Let’s go away, or there are always two of you travel together to do something. Make every minute in this life become moments of love.
Love takes time to build, like that of property or money. Many people can constantly calculate the amount they can every moment together with the potential well of love and beauty.

If you love music, please take the time to learn a musical instrument, write a song, or simply listening to others play music. If you love family, spend time thinking about what you can do together with them, and do the job.
You see? Time is love huh!

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