Will Aamir work with Katrina?

Will Aamir Khan to work with Katrina Kaif?: Aamir Khan who was hesitant to star opposite Katrina Kaif earlier as she was dating Salman Khan at that time is now ready to work with the actress post their break-up, according to the sources.
One year ago, Aamir Khan had told TOI, “Katrina is a huge star. But no filmmaker has come forward with a proposal to cast us.”
Around the same time, the two even featured in a photoshoot together, in which they reprised the look of Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman. After the photoshoot, there was a buzz about the two of them coming together in a film soon, but nothing happened.
Aamir reportedly even got an offer from a production house, but he couldn’t say yes as Salman, Katrina were dating at that time. Now the same production house has approached Aamir again, and the actor might give his go-ahead this time around.
A source told TOI, “Now that Salman and Kat have split, Aamir may team up with the Bollywood diva.”

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