Suzuki Swift S-Concept Car Price | Feature | Specification

Suzuki Swift S-Concept front view

Suzuki Swift S-Concept
Suzuki had teased the latest concept that was to be showcased at the Geneva auto show a few weeks back. Back then, we only knew that the car in question was to have sporty credentials. Well, now the Swift S-Concept is in front of us and it sure does look sporty. The concept looks much like a S2000 rally car.
The car on display, a bright yellow S-Concept gets a distinct body-kit with wide wheel arches and a roof spoiler. The front and rear wheel arches have vents to let air pass freely. This reduces the air pressure inside the wheel arches and helps in increasing downforce. At the rear of the car, twin exhausts and a small diffuser complete the overall sporty appeal of the new car.
Suzuki Swift S-Concept rear view

Suzuki Swift S-Concept
The chassis has also been tweaked to give the Swift S-Concept a taut, predictable handling. Power comes courtesy of a 1.6 litre engine to suit the aggressive looks of the car. Big multi-spoke wheels are shod with meaty, low-profile tires. To sum up then the Swift S-Concept is a toned down version of the Swift S2000 cross-country road racer for the masses and especially speed freaks among us.
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