LG T300 Cookie Joy Mobile Phone Price | Feature | Specification

 LG T300: LG Cookie Joy Price in India
LG T300: LG Cookie Joy is available in India at price Rs 3999
LG T300: LG Cookie Joy Features & Specifications
– LG Zap Box: With LG Zap Box Application-search & Download ringtones,Wall papers,music videos you ever wanted and create your own favourite audio-video playlist.
– 1.3 MP Camera: Treasure every special memory with LG Cookie Joy’s 1.3MP Camera.
– Social Networking: LG Cookie Joy connects you instantly to your friends through it’s smart Social Networking Widgets. Browse, update and comment…… do everything you want to and stay connected 24×7.
– Compact Design: LG Cookie Joy has the most compact and seamless design with a delicately rounded shape and blob pattern for better grip.
– 6.1 cm Full Touch Screen: Take your viewing experience to the next level of brilliance. Enjoy videos, games and pictures like never before.
– MP3 with LG Equalizer: With LG’s proprietary Equalizer which adjusts the music according to different genres, the music must just grows bigger and better. The 3.5mm Jack connects with all things musical and lets you share your favourites loud ‘n’ clear.
– Oxford Dictionary: Check it out with the world’s most trusted Dictionary. Just click on the Oxford Dictionary Widgets, type in the word and instantly get its meaning along with correct usage.
– Internal Memory: 18 MB
– External Memory: Micro SD upto 4GB
– Anti-theft Mobile Tracker
Embedded Applications: Oxford Dictionary, Opera Mini 5, RockeTalk, Newshunt, LG Zap Box
– NETWORK SUPPORT: Quad Band, Tri Band, Dual Band
LG T300: LG Cookie Joy Accessories:
Battery, Charger, Manual,Driver CD, Stereo Ear Microphone, USB Data Cable
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