LG introducing wireless Charging Technology WCP-700

WCP-700; What is Wireless Charging

LG announced the launch of their Wireless Charging Pad WCP-700 at CTIA 2011. This is an wireless inductive charging pad uses inductive coils in the battery doors to absorb the charge from the mat.

WCP-700 is drawn to the dimensions 6.29″ Wx3.54″ Dx0.4″ H and weighs 4.4 ounces. The LED status indicators will show the charged levels of the device placed on that. One can easily identify the charge progress without seeing their device using the color of indicator light. For instance, A blue light indicates the Charging pad is plugged in, orange light indicates that it’s already charged, a flashing green light indicates that your phone is still charging and finally, a solid green light tells you that charging is complete.

One should place a device within 7mm of the mat’s center for an effective charging. Once you placed a device correctly, you will hear a distinctive tone and feel a quick vibration. The price and a list of supported devices are yet to be announced.

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