Interview with Shazahn Padamsee

Shazahn Padamsee is a new break in Tamil cinema. She is the female lead in the film Kanimozhi. She made her debut in the Hindi film Rocket Singh who had Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role. She recently gave an interview to the media.
What is the meaning of your name?

My father wanted a name that has not been held so far in the world. Shazahn signifies the beauty of the world. In Tamil they asked me to change the name. I do not want to change this beautiful name that my father kept. You can call the beauty of the world.
How do you have the opportunity to act in Kanimozhi?
I wanted to act in films. That’s it. I wanted to play in Tamil and Telugu movies. But the movie announcement I acted with Sharukh Khan gave me the opportunity to play in a Hindi film. When I heard the story of Kanimozhi, I really enjoyed it. I immediately came to Tamil. My character name in this movie is Anu. I am doing the role of a bubbly girl. In real life too, I am a bubbly girl. The story revolves around me. While the film live recording, except for me. My voice is doubled. I love this movie. />
How the cinema?
First, I am a theater artist. I know how to act, but I do not know of cinema. I had the imagination of cinema. But after shooting a Bollywood film, I understood what the cinema. But the Tamil cinema has the color and different style. Here, everything happens fast in speed. Everyone works very hard. The shooting set Kanimozhi was completed in a month and a half. Next I have acted in a Telugu movie. It is spicy masala. Cinema Now, I understand.
Who is your favorite hero?
In Hindi, it is Ranbir Kapoor. In Tamil it is Surya. I acted with Ranbir Kapoor. I am interested to act with Surya.
What you want to achieve in cinema?

I want to act in the film Manirathnam. google_ad_height = 15 script / div>

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