Gumpert Tornante Car Fatures | Price | Specification

Gumpert Tornante supercar

Gumpert Tornante
Gumperts of the past had been primarily designed for those who like to spend their weekends, not in Casino Café de Paris in Monte-Carlo but on the streets of the city where Formula 1 cars have been screaming past the terrifyingly close crash barriers, each time tweaking the ride height, camber, downforce to shave those vital seconds off every lap time. The car itself looked incredibly ugly with each and every surface designed to make the car as slippery as possible. Looks actually don’t matter for the average Gumpert owner and why would he bother when the 4.2 litre V8 produces 700 horsepower.
Gumpert Tornante supercar rear view

Gumpert Tornante
Now though, there is a new Gumpert out. The Tornante is what the new car is called and for the first time, designers seem to have given it an aesthetic touch. Gone are the humongous air intakes that used to push the car to the ground and so has gone the big, in-your-face spoiler. You still get gull-wing doors which probably was the only cosmetic feature on the Apollo.The twin-turbocharged 4.2 litre V8 still churns out 700 bhp but, unlike the old Apollo it uses paddle shifts in place of a sequential shifter. The TT40e transmission is also the one seen on the Apollo.
Gumpert Tornante diffuser

Gumpert Tornante diffuser
The Tornante scores more on the desirability scale over the Apollo. How this car handles without that huge wing at the back is something that will be clear once someone gets to drive it. But for now, there are rumors that the German supercar maker has plans for an even more powerful machine for the future. No doubt, its going to be insane!
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