Write to me, a sleepless night

Sleep Sang to me late one evening because I have to stay home alone, I’m happy and the love story involved worried that her heart is tired also found softened.
First love is always in the morning and ignorance. Look at me, saw my picture years ago, far away, exquisite. I now fear as bird wings broken tree bent. Children aged less than me, but it is one of those I remember with the guts and courage than people.

message to my lover, interrupted my thoughts and cut off the excitement of the children. I stalked tangerine, in the night to ask to find out the answer to the question: “Why?”. Also this street, a new day but at night choking contemplation and grace to the world. Ignore them for the night, with danger and with tears, the tough love you too, definitely not met.

Men, once decided, no way to bother my head, not weak and easy inexorable as women. So, my woman, still suffering forever. I lie on my shoulder to cry fresh news. Naturally in the heart of a deep sympathy surge for absolute faith in you and was with full confidence in me. In love, what we should do it well? File just enough, just enough love, happiness and suffering, or put enough trust to put together the heights of happiness and then broken, nothing dug VIU when love go?

I’m suffering too, but I’ll stand up alone, you believe that. People fall into the painful circumstances extraordinary strong will, than I thought. Do not resentment, blame, but please keep your own memories for when you leave anyway, everyone is carrying the at least one reason they deem proper. You’ll see a softer heart.

To give a love that still keeps the whole style of his own sometimes requires courage. Then you will see, there are things more important than love and it is also the only thing I get up when I thought about was pain and grief as the fall. “Who ever loved that never cry”, I it?

(According khocviem.org)

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