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he loved me once said: “What I fear most is that I am sad, for me to tears because of you.” But darling, when tears are not enough smiles to express happiness are flowing.
I do not be sad, scared when you flush the tears fall. It really was not bitter tears, depression is not a how repressed memories are not expressed that sometimes the pearl is pure feminine contain my own happiness, we own daughter

Love is when you need it so much trust and understanding, sharing and sacrifice, but when you have love, have the same rhythm of two hearts, then the hard work, sacrifice it became great joy in the heart of every person.
With tears when I was at my side is always valuable, as lessons to help you further efforts to bring good rose for both. You know, I always dreamed of a common step with his path, despite the distance that has thorns, obstacles to overcome I will anyway because it is their choice, what may regret . When tears roll down your cheeks I was also at that time I still love you so, if one day you wake up, do not see the sun appears again on this earth, then at last they all love it. I’m not just love you all my life, I’ll love you till the end of my life

What must keep smiling

New more happiness

Sometimes tears

New food is love “

The first time I cry when I think about is when it? Oh yes, it is on after we have gotten together

What comes from my heart will go to the heart “with how his feelings about me, make me emotional. He paints a great future magic with cozy little house, where it is you, me and a bunch of kids are cute, innocently playing … At that time my heart tears a really hard to describe the happiness and something natural habitat spicy spicy nose, there is something clear, warm light from rolling on my cheeks. When he saw that there is no need to stalk up to do, I’m very happy boy. He stole my heart then it

”There are small tears.

Makes heart of stone

There are endless sorrow

Making a Stone Heart “

Everyone has a time to remember, it’s memories, an essential part of everyone’s time, boys. Sad to read that and then I continued to cry in happiness with his life. I sing softly: “Who has ever cried because of love, please love each other very much …”.

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