Winning and losing

Although fighting a battle with bone cancer are entering the last stage but Jim Valvano – age 47 – former head coach Califolina State basketball team still trying to talk to a reporter. He recounted a story happened when I was a young coach a team of high school – when he was twenty-three years old. Then, before an important match, he told his players to play as soon:

– Do you know why things in the game winner again quantrong not always? Because the final score of the game will indicate who we are. If none, we are vanquished; also if win, we will confirm your success.
– Not necessarily the first! – The old master of Valvano, who was also invited to injunctions, calm voice – “The commitment and determination in their best new play is important. To show off my talent, do not care to whether we win or lose – the very thing that’s clearly who we are! “

Twenty-four years, the words she was more energetic Valvano. By far, every night he had to turn up three or four times in bed with his clothes saturated with sweat, clench your teeth endure pain, the fever was due to the effects of chemotherapy. Add to that the horror of seeing himself dying in a nightmare. However, Valvano did not give up. He continued to fight until the last moments of life. All that he wants to say is: “persistent efforts of new friends is important, not the results achieved. Please always try to rise up, facing forward – no matter what happens out “.

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