When will you accept his feelings? I'll wait, will wait!

Actually, I do not know how to say, how to start, I just hope these few lines said they can understand part of his human

Today it is 24 / 9 I accidentally caught during a living child, and he did not know at what moment his eyes that his heart went into it by accident. Rain, not affordable is a beautiful day? But no, for him that day was a great day too, the day he brought me to heaven with you for a very smooth way with their eyes met each other affectionately.

Day 22/10 This is the first date of you and me. Surely you will never forget the moment is sitting beside me, holding my hands, I feel so happy. Do you know, when you say you will give him an opportunity to the children, care, care for you, then you already know that from here he has a thing for him to try and preserve, my heart seems to have hit him back then … thank you!

Baby! Throughout his seven years in boarding school, away from home, away from home, I was really discouraged. There are times when he was crying … (if he was too weak?) I’ve been hungry for love, is taking care, care of the family but … too late. Around the time his family lived he did not know the treasure he had himself lost everything, things that a child 11tuoi deserve from their families. He was too loose tent, not knowing any attention to anyone’s comments, just know that to his advantage, how to truly be happy. He was hungry for love, an emotionally intense true … And I became a man selfish, obnoxious …

So, why did you never asked him for his past by saying, let me know he’s not really a good person, a perfectionist. Today few children go to school sick and then he just alone, feeling empty, sad he had to have known in my life to have someone you love.

I know you are a real quiet, no noisy children and unobtrusive, but he said in an ocean that I love, I accept to live to be with you forever even though I know it will soon float waves soon remains but one thing he is certain that the waves will stay forever in love with the ocean.

his feelings for me …. I do not know what to say so that they understand but I believe his children home! You, my love, I’ll wait for you, for you agree, accept his feelings

On their first date, only two more months and then will be the birthday child I’ll wait, will hope …… 22/12/2009

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