WE GET THE decide the fate …

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper took seven years. That picture of Jesus’ 12 apostles and the last meal before he was betrayed by Judas disciples.
Leonardo search model meticulously. Among his thousands of young new guys have chosen a holy face, a pure absolute character as Jesus’ pattern. Da Vinci worked tirelessly throughout the six months before the boy, and Jesus’ image appeared on the drawings.

next six years he finished 12th respectively apostles, there were only Judas, the disciples betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Artist looking for a man to face the vicious mercenary, predatory, hypocritical and extremely cruel. Must face up good character who are willing to sell his best friend, the teacher’s own most beloved …

The search seemed hopeless. How many face the worst, most cruel, Vinci is not enough to manifest evil of Judas. One day notice Vinci was a man that looks can meet the requirements of his watchguard. He was in a dungeon in Rome, sentenced to death for murder and many other terrible crime …

Vinci immediately hit the road to Rome. Before him was a man of dull black with dirty long hair loose down her face, a bad face, bad coverage, clearly shows the character of a man totally corrupt. True this is Judas!

With the special permission of the king, who was taken to the Milan prison where bad picture is painted. Each day the prisoner sat before Da Vinci’s genius and the artist to work diligently to convey a picture of the appearance of being traitors.

When the last stroke finished, exhausted face with evil for a long time, Vinci turned security guard: “You bring him go!”. Guards who grabbed prisoners, but he suddenly zone out and party workers squatted down to Da Vinci, crying out: “Oh, Mr. Da Vinci! Look at me! He does not recognize the U?”.

Da Vinci who observed that six months he constantly look at. Finally he replied: “No, I have not seen you until you are taken to the dungeon from Rome …”. Name prisoners exclaimed: “He Vinci … Take a close look me! Whom I was seven years ago he chose to make Jesus’ pattern …”

this story True, as the Last Supper painting is real. The boy was chosen as a model for Jesus’, after just over 2000 days have turned themselves into his perfect image of the most formidable traitors in history.

The future is not predetermined. It is we who decide our own fate …

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