Way for love

Finally I have understood him. Under very simple in appearance, he had a heart love and violence do not express in words. Love you, but do not say. That’s how he – a separate entry of love with different people.

You tell me: “Today scanned stairs, nearly bit longer then I fell.” Thought that he will comfort you: “Honey, be careful but a little.” But he said: “I will slow scan if nothing has happened.”
I feel hurt. Do not you love me, do not care about me at all.
Later, I discovered my stairs are clean, I no longer have to scan again. And every day the fund’s busy time he lost an additional 5 minutes …
You tell me: “my car is broken, you have to bus half an hour by car to the house is new.” I think he would say: “Why not call him to pick? I have not tired? “. But he said: “How well or, you have the opportunity to reduce the waist a little more.”
I’m angry, that he does not love me, do not care about you.

Today later I discovered that he left his car keys on the table. He came to office by bus and leave a message: “I’ll bring my car to fix.” He prepares you very much for breakfast.

You tell me: “I want to travel, to the Netherlands … watch the sea such showy flowers.” I think he will be interested in me and said: “We also plan offline.” Whether showing off a few good questions, but ultimately, he said: “It’s boring, why spend big money for something tasteless like that?”.

I’m angry. Clear that he does not love me, do not understand this em.Sau, I discovered a set of pictures, photos, articles on flowers in the country and around the world and to his collection at my desk . Each picture, autograph article are his flower and record the name of its origin.

You tell me: “I go with you, I’ll be home late.” I just assumed he would be interested, asking me to go with whom, what time you on. But he said: “Depending on you, as long as you are happy.”

I’m very sad. That he do not love me, do not care about you.

That night, I went to three angry about the new morning. I saw his appearance on a chair sitting asleep in the living room waiting for you.

You tell me: “On my month here, my stomach too.” I think I will comfort you: “I try a little tolerance, a day will quickly through it.” But he said: “Women really annoying.”

I grieved, that he does not love me, love me not.

After this, in our fridge it contains a lot of chocolate and red beans, are all things I ever bought, but he does not eat. A month passed. A week before and after “day” of you, I have red bean soup.

You tell me: “I’m very happy to take you, a good husband.” I also think he would be glad to answer them: “I do feel that way. You’re the best wife. ” But he said: “Take it and took it, trying to behave well together.”
I’m angry. He does not love you, I do not understand you.
After I discovered this accidentally, before bed, I use clean paper towel wedding photos at the top of the bed, then he smiled and looked very long.
bar by St diep

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