Valentine sad

upcoming Valentine’s Day but why he felt so empty. His mood is now miss you. He recalled last year’s Valentine’s day. He had to ask a friend to carry them out and then played two of his cell. At that time he felt very happy to be going out with someone you’ve come yeu.chung who eat fish fry and stroll round the city.

He held my hand. A warm feeling. He wished to go out with me in those days so important nay.Nhung a valentine this year will be sad for him. There exist too many memories I right? But perhaps because he was not heartless, so he kept them. He was very remorseful about what he has lam.Nhung you please understand me what I do all for you. Perhaps due to the heat of the moment he had no words to make you happy but I just want to say one thing that he loved you. I’ll wait for you at a park or sitting on their Valentine’s Day does not matter to me, he’ll still love you and for you.



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