Tunnel through the earth

Two other brothers he once decided to dig a deep pit behind the house. When two boys were digging, a few other kids to see and ask what they are doing. Pit boy replied excitedly that he wants you to dig a tunnel through the earth.

Some of the boys laughed, taunted his brother. But the two boys continued to dig. A moment later, he jumped from a hole being dug on the ground, holding an old bottle it spiders, insects, scary insects and other hand held up a bag containing rocks are beautiful sparkling feedback sunlight. You only see the kids kai beautiful stones and he proudly said: “Even when not dug tunnels through the earth, then at least we’d also be able to find such beautiful stones, and I also had the opportunity to endure this disgusting insects flood! “

not always accomplish the objectives fully.
not work Either the end of the month.
No effort must also be paid off.
Not all relationships are also long-lasting hold.
not love then what is eternal.
Not the dream becomes a reality.

But if you always fear and dare not start, you will never have the chance to set foot on the path to success, you will never grow up and you said nothing tomorrow.

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