Things to know when the "relationship" with the boss

There’s no taboo any place in the last few years as the employee “relationship” with his boss . However, when the third adventure in this durable hard feelings, you also need to consider several things:
– Define objectives. Whether it is someone you really wanted to get the trip or just a fun game? Sex with the manager that the engine can make you commit big push into that relationship, but it absolutely does not decide the durability of the relationship.

– You for it is only sharing information but no one was the lunch, the boss room after hours is just a normal relationship.

– If two people are single , then this relationship no problems at all. Every company has about 4 / 10 employees on the necessary intimacy with his boss. However, if one side has a family, they love than this thread will be considered illegal.

– By Gary N. Powell, author of “variety and diversity”, when someone sexually in exchange for advancement in your career, then very quickly she / he will receive the contempt of their colleagues in the agency or create the impression in the eyes people.

– Do not vain because I have conquered the bosses. Should not be publicly about this affair to express themselves. Everything you do can become evidence against you in the near future. Do not use email to exchange agencies private conversation.

– According to Timesonline, when the relationship broke down, do not expect help from anyone. He is the force against you and other colleagues who are faithful to pay them.

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