These samples should not be dating men

These are the type who man, the first sight you want to date him because of the success, because chic look or for a gentle chat … But, before deciding on a date, please consider carefully …
Here are four men form you should not go further.

Participants of regret the

The men of this excavation work pants as if no tomorrow. They never leave the chair until the break. And, after finishing the job, he had to step into the party business partners.

With this man, could first sight, you he was attracted by the appearance of luxury, rich costumes with expensive designer labels but do not rush dating him. You must know that, with men like this, you have time to spend time when not using his cell phone for his Blackberry. And, there is a terrible truth: for he love of money is the greatest, you just stand Monday or even Tuesday only. This was not he would spend hours with her secretary to discuss the job.

The “addiction”

Addiction here of course, not addicted to stimulants such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco addiction, which is one of those things like skydiving, skateboarding or running. We emphasize here is that addicts are not interested. With this man, the pleasure was all the more important. They are willing to dismiss everything to pursue it.

Of course, this man will be attracted by your body burly, muscular arms, strong. However, you do not rush to go to a date with him. You must know a truth that, with this model man, to make them happy, you also need the desire to work like that. These boys just do not like to walk around, watching movies, drinking coffee and of course he did not want his lover so.

No one is quite sure that, until the age of three fifty, he would not join a marathon or even a duel of the iron man. And it also means that you can also have a trip to the coast of Hawaii with him but instead of sunbathing, swimming in the sea, you have to sit on the pitch and cheer for him? You really like this?

The guy spotted appearance

The men spent most of the time for beauty. For them, appearance is important. Time choosing his outfit as much as learning about fashion.

If one was standing at the bar, saw a girl walking her to come to a bad guy more handsome, these guys will think: “Why do the other girls back to his father with a guy that? Confusion she died. Someday, she will not be more prudent and would proceed with a guy like me chic! “.

The truth is, with this man, they will spend time to care little for their appearance than all the time for you.

The men “plastic mines”

This is the man who always hang in bars, in the VIP card and drink all night. They would beat women by whispers have wings like pouring into your ear. He would be interested, to get spoiled trust you. Even these guys can also bathe your shower with loving care, gallantry as possible. But be careful, nobody is quite sure that you are the only girl that?

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