The value of life

chance of success is always to everyone

Not all people love or understand you as you expected. But please respect the moment next to them, expressing their emotions with them, because you may never get the chance to do it.

mistake does not represent current value and your dignity. Let’s look at the courage of their mistakes and accept others’ shortcomings since nobody is perfect at all. It is important to never allow myself to repeat old mistakes in a similar situation.

Please accept everything as its inherent nature. No reason to be angry when you can not change facts to fit with their thinking. And there is no reason why you must love everything. But you can still live with that.

your own feelings and their actions. No one can decide your feelings, except yourself. If you experience a bad day, it is because you yourself have created such a day. If you believe that one day their will be clear, you will have a great day like that.

Please keep trying, especially when facing difficulties and challenges ideas impossible to overcome.

You can not solve the problem of other people for them. But the attention, encouragement and sharing your very necessary to help them through.

It’s never too late, never despair, never a complete standstill a whole when you try and have faith.

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