The sound of perseverance

Perseverance and
love can help people overcome any challenge

When the new four, I had polio. after several weeks in hospital, I was back home, but must lie on the bed with her bars was leased from the hospital. Father working, mother at home cooking, laundry and care for me.

Twice a day, she picked me to take a bath and exercises that your doctor specifies. To me, those days was terrible. I can not flood the pitch you play well or do anything I want. The only thing I have is a ball used for exercise for finger movements. Depressed because small arms, their weakness can not hold the ball, many times I pushed it hit the ground. At times like that, she picked up the ball and gently said: “Try to squeeze the ball for me, please! Then I’ll be going to play like you!”

In the exercises every day, I usually put two fingers in the palm of my hand, and told me to try to hold about ten times. I hope every day can feel my hand grip a little bit more, but usually only in the sense that the first attempt.

One day after work, Dad brought a small toy monkey. Monkey wearing a red sweater, pretty bare chest wearing a little. Hands up in the comments are about to enter into space. monkey behind a rubber tube connected to a small ball. Towards my father how to handle it. If you squeeze the ball, his hands will be clapping monkey on drums, creating a sound Bum Bum, chach chach happy ears.

– Come on! I try it out, baby! – Father graciously put the ball in my hands that month.

I tried to squeeze but the monkey did not move. I put all their hands and try to squeeze in one more time. Monkey hands down a little, but not strong enough to play ball clear out any sound at all. however, she also shouted happily:
– Okay children, trying to go a little further!

She puts her hand embraces my hand, squeeze. Bum Bum.
– she goes again! – I looked at her tenderly.

I gently squeezed my hand. Bum Bum. Again. Chach chach.
– Come on, come see her do!

I’m trying once. Bum Bum. Drums were played.
– I got it, Mom! – I again squeezed further. Bum Bum. Chach chach. – You can do it! – I was excited to.

Since then, I say the old practice. English wine is gradually drums, rhythmic like a song. All hands must then move to the left. Sometimes I feel tired but looked radiant face, full of hope for parents when the drums rang out as I tried to.

One evening, when the father has slept After a day of hard work, the drums sounded a dad awake. Dad sat up smiling at me. I regret:
– The father did not wake up? I’m sorry father! I will not squeeze the ball into the bed as father anymore sir!
– Dad rubs my head, suddenly announced his voice warm as ever:
– No, dear! You to file whenever you want. Drums which are the result of perseverance. Not because of anything but give perseverance for me, please!

I was then recovered slowly. I have gradually overcome polio – a seemingly impossible job. My parents are overjoyed. sounds of those days on forever in my wine, and later of the time, as an incentive every time I encounter any difficulties or obstacles.

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