The positions she likes

Some love the park entrance will take your wife to feel comfortable, most satisfying. She is looking forward to your desire to explore and leave her a passionate ecstatic moment.

She above

You in the lower back pillows, frames, pots himself slightly expanded; relax her body while moving up and down flexibility.

Many women find this position to help them altitude reached orgasm. She likes to be active “love” you, like the “operation” light. Posture brings comfort to both.


Nothing new, but she sure likes. Posture is the exposure of the skin and the eyes caress amorously. Let’s outstretched arms held her close to you. Toward selecting “interrogation” slowly, do not go overboard making her pull back pain. Want more fun, try the lower back pillows.


Location is pretty big attraction for women. You lie on a direction for her, hug her from behind and proceed to heaven.

No eye contact is difficult and kissed all over her body, but can cuddle with whisper words of love like the wind.


As the posture subtle bit of “freedom”, not as a rule any standard, but whenever her cheerful mood, your mood may be applied. Standing, lying, or knees depending on your creativity, the artist is talented.

According to Hoang Hoai Thu Health24

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