Schedule of love

Love is difficult to define but said nothing to talk outlined a perfect schedule. But according to psychologists, love is a process of multiple development stages.

Phase 1

The passion of new love incipient. This period was the most talked about novels and films. Sense to grab a very interesting person makes your heart beat faster and the process was pretty much upset. At this point, you feel very difficult to sleep and something to cling to him alone. You always miss him at all times and next time they seem very well not be enough.

The emotional intensity, but this is the stage should not rush to get married. This passion is abundant but marriage requires two people to really know each other as well as psychological preparation carefully.

Stage 2

This is the second stage are putting people start to place your hands together … and eat. Romantic evenings in cafes, go to the concert together. Flowers and gifts to make two people feel extremely elated. But this is also threatening to stage your financial situation.

The most important thing is two people to prove their faith and sincerity in each other during this time. How well does not need his hand at another restaurant or movie theater. What you should be sure he will be present at 2 am if you need help. Two people should change their habits out together by cooking a dinner.

Stage 3

Two people have made understanding of each other, the advantages and disadvantages.

In the past, trying to “drop saw” you, he can borrow money to ask you out. For now, he can share with you any difficulties. Both believe in each other. And then, double happiness, challenges halved. Two people who truly are good friends.

You might not be similar but they both day and night you will think of him as you are sad or in pain. You love them not by their magic at first you believe that human beings simply because they, because of the way the two together through the joys and sorrows of life.
<br / Love this requires both empathy and acceptance. Without this love is difficult to reach the two words "durable".

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