Pm rain!

street corner this afternoon about the past for me
rain again unfurl a love ru
gradual steps I wandered lonely soul
chilly winter wind direction the old street corner
far I remember! !
afternoon rains suddenly made me sad and miss you too!!, remember very eyes of this odd anh.Gio he was deep in sleep … but in the I go to sleep I dream of you to confide in you very much! to remember the sorrow of my heart alleviate somewhat would not you?
On you go with the tears of the mourners then you when the child will feel lonely empty love him more than ever het.Em remember the memories of our own first love, first time he shook my hand held under the trees flower phoenix no.Em angry with him for weeks we did not meet to kill each other then we’d miss you back together. Then when the evening twilight on give me your steps along the beach together and he heard me sing the song “love of the sea” and also set another take on the waves whispering ….! !

My dear! Each spring through the soil of their homeland still waiting for his beloved children ve.Con him now he is where? guest home on his land remember or forget the girl was waiting for him ….. in the old sea-song echoed in you, love you gave me has permeated deep in blood. Each season on the popular anxious about his faith to grow over the years, his eyes made me seethe vibrations throughout the years to pursue you wait. Yes! I fell in love with the memories of him as calm and quiet. Five months have passed can not anyone understand you have lost yours. I hope someday he’ll be back together with her again as the rain season you very much ………. ……

By knife enforcement

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