Parting with it because his first love.

We love each other when both were with the white shirt, can make you soon do not you? That day, I heard people told each other that “first love is transient only, will not be forever, but we always remember for a lifetime of it.” I dare not afraid of love, but not like those you see him alone, for you loving eyes, smiling, benevolent, warm arms warm heart, stubborn heart day What is now known to vibrate, said memory, said unprovoked anger.

I love them gently yeah, sometimes fragile makes me feel scared, scared of it just like a dream as people bao.The is because a simple thing to prove and demonstrate how they are chosen is correct, we have separated. He told me that stones and pearls are the same as I do not know its value. That is certainly true rùi, but I tried to accept him as disagreeing with that. He was gone so I did not worry much pleased because he thought I loved him through words. Because young children also decided never see him again, each person has a thinking individual, you and me too. But I do not know him, the way she walked away and I could not find their own way out of u sad eyes were tear-blur, I feel lonely, frustrated with myself.

Yes, love is always the first, leaving not because of anything, just because it’s first love. I accept that up, like an obvious thing, a law of love that anyone could have. Why is first love is always unfinished? Perhaps no one answer is not I? I told her to forget him, will be stronger in the next step of the way.

Termination of first love. I like his jacket on the page with faith and hope, plus a heart rending grief, my toddler go. Now, when a girl has matured a lot I still remember, still expect the bustling streets of this life I met him accidentally so we have reason to be cheerful hello for me sure either of us would not really have the courage to reach out to each other. And I have chosen for themselves when the stone or gem away from you, I do not know English?
By Maylangdu

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