Pain As You Want Tim Vo Tan Thanh Ngan Fragments …!

send luv! 1989 Petit ah

1 year, 10 years, 100 years and possibly longer Tri Vietnamese never had snow, but now seems to freeze, snow covered the entire heart UK. I’ve seen him cry so much, I never saw so much I cry, my heart ache to break into thousands of fragments, heart pain partly because I loved you, the other part is because “I never He is crying for so much. ” He was too selfish is not it?
First time in my life I gotta ask someone crouching I do not know and more painful than the “that’s who I love.” He once again broken heart into thousand pieces, then I just want to cry, cry out loud to not feel ashamed for me, but I think that I did because he hurts so much, because people but I did not need to ready their lives, then why can not I once humiliation to bring happiness to you. He always say that “I’ve loved you” but not once I bring happiness to you. This may be the first time and also the last time I do it. Because I’m too injured so I have a right to be themselves away from you.

Last word I want to tell you and say it again for the UK Listen: “I was the one who made i can not forget and I will forever be the first well will be the last person that I love most. bye! The daughter has a heart REUPHONG …”


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