Other side of the sky

A cold winter is over, spring is about
but why does my heart is cold as the old plug

Also long ago, a long time on country roads alone you, I went to him again in the space is too large, too deep and too wide. Before you go away forever CCO he has promised to try to live better, but why he can not do DC. You go left behind the world is a lonely, very cold. Already in this world who live with only half your body, life is meaningless jì when he lost me. For a while he thought it would be with me to the other world, but … but I said that I try to live my rest of you very much and …. The wound did not my heart with drugs, no fire can warm collected by thousands of hearts.

I’ve lived on only those months on the run, evading all related jì me, to me, to our memories. Sitting in the dark he could charge him only the stars with his injustice, fate was too flat to rob me off my hand. Pretending a dead animal cell, burned in the lonely back because without you.

On the other side I try to live a good home, we have to heaven that he was wrong, very wrong divide us. He will not run again, but will not avoid facing the truth. I’ll dream of you, for we live in a dream and maybe I’ll be happier, my children. If there is life after whatever you do go again and I’ll find you’ll love me again. I will never regret loving you, never.’s biggest joy is my life and my greatest pain is to lose you, the child was be happy and wait for me, someday I’ll meet you and bring spring to you, me ok
We will always be the same, forever.

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