– Several Saigon early this cold, cool to noon, then lightly with a little sunshine, the clouds clear away waste. I miss you!

the afternoon sun, the wind should be as cold. In Hanoi far, I have to remember you? I lean into his rig paper flowers planted before working out the capital in memory of his death. That a new year, you? Wind purple petals become weak and fragile than ever. Nostalgia about bumping up the children he has too many memories, that will strengthen my heart …

When in love, I felt that the gap can not hinder my love for you , on the contrary, it is as a catalyst to make me love him more and more commercial. Musician Phu Quang’s right, he said, “As far me, love me more I see,” about me “The more distant you, I see more love you.”

He said: “If love me then let them take care of the school, do not slack, but then he’ll go. ” I listen to people, you learn to focus better. Last year, they graduate, said he can not return to the common good, but I’m not sad.

Time to love, it’s the moments you cherish so much … I love you In the days of long hard study. I love you with the confidence of a true love. I love you with nostalgia of days to wait … I love you in the first comments from the parties on both days away from him and he …

tomorrow’s tomorrows, Saigon hurried pace of life is routine, where the tiny streets and old that I hope to see him, still fresh with sweet happiness, love still warm with the skin away. Send you a little taste of the North you very much, so I felt the warmth of his slip in the afternoon breeze, I love to add the long-distant date.

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