Nha Trang I miss you so much dear

love I started from there

afternoon from a sunny beach home page
sand in place far, far longer file
guarded sea green coconut hundred years
Tran Phu Street emerged mountains
long-running series on cable as far
home page for this oh remember
memories teaching tool in the memory
me smile designs like flowers bloom in spring
shy looks and lips serve phiu
Fire the traveler hearts exile
afternoon sea as waves of ravenous up
waved him back in minutes Wireless
after the date li tan long hard
nose islet husband sat alone thinking
‘re making earnest many things
sea is the home page and thousands of years is the
but his vague sadness spotting
not deserted them in the sea-way
love only you hold the old unfinished
by the old imperfect structures

By Lethilinh29kb
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