My heart is too short, why make me your heart broken?

I! Before now I never loved anyone, because with my son are good people but nobody was really good. No one makes me vibe, love. But why the fate they met again inducing you?

I wish I did not go home that day, wished everyone in the family does not say much about me to him.
I myself feel that ordinary mihn not enough energy to love him.
He once asked why I love you?, why do you love me, we all could not answer.
If you know the girl loves him so much, then I did not come with him. I do not want others to suffer. Without them, he has come to her? It hurts me most is she did not even know we love each other, because he treats her like that, she thinks he is her. I never asked him what she was his, but she recognized as his love interest. I do not correct because you do not want to make her sad. But what about me?

Everyone should have a separate heaven, we are chugn respect each other as such. But I always say why, but he went with her without telling me. Several times she looked after the car he sat, in my heart how sure he understands. Then he patted me, as if he wanted to atone.

How many times you want to leave everything to go, but they saw me slump is not tolerable. He said I was the last person you trust? But to me he was the first to put all children, not always trust that what I have before now, hope, love ,…………… All.

Before you, I also have many people so you can compare, but I only have one card, then how is he?

Looking at me hard hard you can not tolerate. I just told him what he was thinking.

My heart can not bear it anymore, Looking at her suffering, she saw me comfort, you do?

I do not want to speak out because they do not want to upset him further, but I was sad when chinhthuc return to be near him.

I do not know how I should anymore.

Bring love with my sorrow, grief and added her tears, he saw how?

The life he had accidentally brought to the children, again I know the heartless to nhit ambiguity between him and her.

I have to bear to ever ????????? ?

By cobehattieukh

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