Maintenance love

so starved for love as well as overeating. Wise people always know how to keep their love always passionate. 10 months following a tonic for couples would need to maintain stability forever love with time.

– Use reason, not to heart when choosing a man. Recognize the problem thoroughly before making a decision.

– Know the difference to distinguish between lust and love because it can help you avoid the attack “a heart “unnecessary.

– Learn to express your passion . Your partner is not a psychologist and can not make you happy if you do not let him know how pleased.

– Effort because this relationship : a constraint based on tried and continuous attention to each other. This does not force you to do that based on volunteers.

– Do not loose yourself: You do not need to hide but the desire but also to keep yourself clean and presentable. Love the way ahead is long and time to “pick the forbidden fruit” should be at the right time, right place.

– Understand that emotions will be eroded over time . You can not just enjoy a joy forever, which is both sad, boring. Unless emotional changes, no longer love each other they love no longer.

– The difference between sex and intimacy: Sex is a way to go to the intimacy. However, if overly familiar to expose the weaknesses, you will very easily be taken advantage of.

– Dialogue: straight talk about everything to help you solve radiate a lot of problems. If you have the same boat, avoid bouts of seasickness to one of two people falling down.

– You are an independent entity , he is not answerable of your own life. Therefore, you need a personal relationship does not depend on anyone. In short, drivers should know the will of life itself.

– Learn to apologize . Needless to say often, but sometimes an apology that will appease the anger within him.

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