Love …….. ……..

Korea these days began to enter the collection, chilly weather, the feeling goes under the trees are full of yellow brush that gently hearts and peace …. But why so sad. Vietnam is now sure to thu.Giua the chaos of work when I drop into his soul with the autumn moon and looked up at the ring on his mind. I do not remember? We know each day is autumn for a day and also a fall day ask me love you, love them attached to their fall, with leaves falling. Coronary moon as our own love, when the moon is disabled when circular situation we are handicapped when it does not fulfill you? Love,

was far away from the old days , only hours left in me, in my little regret, first love, sweet flavor, but infiltration of tears … what we have together will forever be celebrating my house!

But tonight just a little longer to put out tomorrow and then I stepped up to float, tomorrow I do the house on people’s happiness … I really miss him already. Zong and the long road of life we ​​know will step but he could not meet with me in the same direction. Excuse me, sorry for all the promise the old time he made another change. Okay I have it? Also the old days he says he will never love and marry when that person is not me. I really did fool someone you love …. Love is not meant to be occupied by someone you love, love the one you love is to always pray for someone you love is happy, That’s the way to have people we love do not you?

Love, sir

This is the last time I wrote it for you, for I love them to zoi between life tomorrow, amid the chaos I will always remember that but I will not upset you. I would like, always cheerful and happy home for you.

………… ………… Love, .

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