Love you so hard!!

You know, two of his neighbors together, room together, before, you know his feelings and it was joke, I do not know is not it?!

then both he and I both think he quit, I really think you should also try to do so, but not heartless I was with, he also said if you do not have feelings for him, the only puzzling both alone, can now so I think that I still sometimes regarded as her children, and can you think that the soul has no place for me, but Chip sir, can not help but think of you, whether you make me angry more interesting is thick You know, I really
sad, sad from my kh accidentally hurt his feelings, he rarely is for those who love the opposite sex is normal, but when in love, that he took a loss of much time, thought, I do not understand , why do what, where, when he was thinking about you, so much, without you I am infinitely sad, no matter where you go, what to do, well I just wanted to hear the footsteps, to be sure that I left early, so make sure you do not see anything, or just to hear you say, I laughed for hours I feel better, he will feel warm inside when I though about him never brave enough sense to confess to you about it, for me, I naturally feel free to suffer his torment,

why he had that?! love to me right now is whether time or not, but you know what? away from you, miss you not only look forward to being with you, but right now I know they do not dare me, dare not confess his feelings, love you so hard , so that … I still love vvan want to feel your presence beside him, maybe he caught the sun so his sins, he also deserved to not realize his feelings for me to win, dare not interesting thuac accept me one day, the whole world will know that you love me now, I still want you to know I love you more than you can know about love
night long, remember Whether you right beside me.

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