Love letters of Napoleon Bonaparte

in 1797, Napoleon was a famous general of New France and he has just received its first victory . He married a woman so beautiful and charming as Josephine de Beauharmais. Love her, but he was soon to leave for military commanders on the battle lines. Away from her, he was sad and worried: Josephine is a volatile woman. Will she be faithful to him during his absence? Bonaparte married 21 days after suffering jealousy. He wrote her a letter from Nice.

“If you love me less alone, then perhaps you have never loved you both.”

No a day I do not love you. There is every night he does not hold me to the heart. There when I drink tea without cursing the war and has held his ambitions, different from my soul.
His beloved Josephine, is unique in his heart, fully occupied his spirit, occupy all his thoughts. If you leave me with the velocity of the Rhône River cascade, it is quicker to see you again. If the middle of the night, he bounced back to work, it is because you can see the previous few days. Yet in a letter she sent from March 23, he called him by “he “.

Mr U? Is new to me! Oh! The wife of his bad stomach! You can write a letter like that? How cold it’s new! And then from 23 to 26 are to the four days: he had to do without writing a line for my husband?. O death of his friend, the word “he ‘s been four days and it makes me regret the old his cold. Unfortunately for whoever is the cause of it!. He? Dear? So what will be here in fifteen days? My soul sadness into my heart and imagination of slavery are you tore my heart. If you love me less, they will be comforted. Someday, I do not love me anymore, tell me that, at least I know I deserve such suffering. Farewell to his wife, that concern, happiness, hope and soul of my life. I am not required of me an everlasting love, fidelity, which is just the honest truth boundless. Day you told me “I love his little bit” will be the last day of my love for you and also the end of the world of my life. Josephine! Josephine! Remember I told you something: The Creator have forged him a strong spirit and determination, it is woven into them with Leopard build and mellow. I’ve stopped loving “Hmm Please forgive me, soul of my life. I was completely dominated in my heart, all the fear caused him to become unhappy. My God! Oh! If you love me less alone, then perhaps you have never loved you both. Thus he is very heartbreaking.

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