Love him!

I love!

For a long time held my new pen to record the emotions and thinking of thinking. But this time I would remember thinking back toward him.
Their love story should not surprise you? we met on a train from North to South, then he was a ticket to control his staff, and I was sitting on her passenger wagon which he in charge.
I’ve loved! I recalled this story thought it was a dream. Is it the dream of fate, though not perfect, but to know you so well enough. With love for him, by the sincerity in the way of life, by living shall have to make sacrifices, even if they still accept suffering.

Jim! know me, you also have determined it is a life not so easy, but do not know why I still have a faith in him, believe in love and sincerity that.

Although we do not have time to meet, not like others. Sometimes they take a holiday with you and me, the pair also do it? day he said he often calls can not be sad because your side is. But, Jim! If I had met him then you have to accept and sympathize with him then. New Year to you all day is not met then there is nothing holidays should not he?
In this place I just hope his health, the good and true to what he told you I was happy already. Now I’m sitting up writing these lines, then he was in Hue, saw him struggling a lot I’ll try to live well and do not do anything for him to bother thinking about them.
A quarter had passed and we have met once. As I always say to me

“I love them as you have not met him?”
“Located sad I think warrior train

New never forget that day “

By lehoa220386

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