Love and "wait!

Anyone who has ever loved all understand: Let the love grow and blossom, the wait was so important. abc Why so? Why can not we have abcngay what we want and need to insane levels? Why do we have to wait two years, three years and seem to waste that precious time? You may ask questions like: Why is a tree from seed until the flowers, whereas it takes so much time?

What we know for sure that love needs patient waiting. We must know each other time, you have no way or by any means other than time to make a person love you or make you really love that person. So, let us know each other gifts of the waiting period, please be present together that does not require nor expect to be rewarded. Of course, nothing is harder than doing so but that is testing the depth and sincerity of love. Those who love each other to know each other waiting until they see things with the same eye or as wise enough to allow each other freedom to see things their own way each person.

We will lose what you did not wait? When we try to find a lane off the crossroads in life? As we hustle to give each other the words swearing blind and dumb, while we are not mature enough and are not aware of their responsibilities? We will lose faith that I can love and be loved sincerely. Consider again the ancient love story kim. Is not the essence of the story is that the wait-cloth on it so the story should be drawn-there?

So How can we get life and true love if we do not patiently wait?

Be like my dear??

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