Love and passion

<img alt =" Love and Passion "border =" 0 "ox =" true "src =""We must be married soon. He did not venture to lose you. "
• Love said,” Be patient. Do not panic over it. Need to plan for the future for sure. “
• passion usually requires about sex. Whenever you are together, you hope that there will be “relational.”
• Love is not based on sex. That is the maturity of feeling, it makes sex becomes much more sweet. You need to be friends before you can become lovers of each other.

• passion lacks confidence. When away from your lover often suspect they will lie. Sometimes you plan to monitor or check.
• Love means trust. You feel secure and calm before the reference or something, and nothing makes you feel threatened. Your lover could also feel this confidence in you, and the more they try to prove yourself worthy of the trust it.
• passion can lead you to do things that later will have to regret, but love never regret at all, it does not steer you stray.
• Love to keep their lofty status. It makes you feel is offset and become whole. It fills the spaces in your heart.

Love is like a ladder to support you. It brings you up. Makes you look up and think about lofty ideals. It makes you become a better man than before. Love besides, you were compensated with a lot of things you may or may not have. But without love, whatever you are also not significant. The secret life of each person not only lives, but is there anything to point to, live fully for it.

• a sense of passion, true love, including appointment agreements and commitments. Passion is the emotion of love. True love brings enthusiasm and willing to sacrifice for each other if necessary. One who will “fall into” state interest, but they were “mature” from true love.
• The basics of love as other interested persons. It usually prefer to go rather than getting on.
• Finally, the passion will die off over time and separation, while love will grow thanks to such. This does not mean that you are not sad to be forced away from the one you love. In contrast, the pain was so great if you really love.

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