Letter to fiancé

love my husband!
What are you doing this now, can not remember you at all? Today we are together, but now hundreds of kilometers away from it. I miss you too, I do not know how to alleviate this nostalgia here. You know, looking at the rain but I just wish one thing, it is estimated that this time I’m next to you so we watch the rain together.
Few days ago in Moc Chau, as well to the rain but I had barely see because then I love being blinded. You know, I love the plains, hills and only love, love the imposing mountains, loves beautiful wooden houses with luxuriant gardens and fragrant climbing roses of his home. I really love and want to return. Do not know if I have a chance to come back without it? I wish every day were transported in British rosemary floral display bowl so raw, I crave the Moc Chau yogurt, meat rabbits smell cravings return, remember I picked the fish pieces well, you know?
Loving husband !
I know I lied, the time of our love is sublimated at least I’m happy, you know? I hope all the English words are forever true. We will no longer be apart no I’m not? I promise to always love you, love you forever, forever we’ll be happy. I’m very proud of him and will make you to be happy because I love you so you know. I say this for I know then, I always feel like the love of English that exist in the Em. I miss you so much, remember every second of every minute, boy! I always wish I love you and miss you as I’m in love and miss you so. I’m not afraid I should lose you lose, do not worry Do not you agree, because I was the most faithful woman on this earth that!
Love you immensely!

Sign: Wife love
By: guoidensau

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