Letter I

I remember in any Western novel, or the ship or the movie I love Taiwan South Korea does, and even music, theater, opera … people who say that love and be loved is the happiest man on earth.
As everybody knows love. He was also, so he deduced that love. It’s obvious as in the past he has proven Galilean earth orbiting the sun that. And I’m in love!
Few days ago he received a message “show love”. This proves that he is being asked.
According to the theorem that books, movies, music, opera, novels offer at first, he must have the happy love and be loved.
not yet!
For people who love him not he is love …
I had this conversation with you, that there is a message she expressed love with him. He waited on me a reaction, a reaction to make sure that I love you so much I love you, not the vague feeling-like-love.

Many times, many times I’ve wanted to hold you, want to kiss you in the morning with an emotional one, to be sulky, angry feeling jealous as billions of people who love each other this world. I still say you love me, but I still distant. It was a joke or you want to challenge the patience and love of him? More than once, I think that I’m tired. He wants an end, he wanted his freedom to find another love without feeling guilty or guilty when I think about you …
So I’ll always think of when you get SMS!

I love you? He did not doubt it! I love you? Let him convince her to believe, but very confused …
Tomorrow, ah no, but today, over 12 hours during the night which is a holiday of love. Traditionally, I’d send you chocolate and roses (although I think flowers are the most stuff that people think we can give to each other). And I will say I know his thoughts at this time.

You know, like he did not say or write, but I hope that they can understand my love for you. End things or start a new chapter, he will receive impartial.
But people love me, why? Does he have other than my turn? If after tomorrow I do not go towards you anymore, you have to wonder whether he will fall to a new way?
No! He will go straight …

(According khocviem.org)

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