'I'm Online' c. '' I love you '

” I’m online “
It is even a chance to meet you as to

dreams I see avatar watch online status

think much thought

Chia then PM me with sadness at
you happy, then perhaps I need
It is expected that virtual real

Network virtual

was real emotional.
I once sent me the song “Wo bu pei” Jay Chou is the last sentence is

你 的 美我 不配
ni de mei wo bu pei
Your beauty is something I am not Worthy of
Your beauty is something that I feel not worthy
Although I was once complimented me know
handsome but I could not believe I match “your beauty” I have nothing

O, happy self is a smile
confidence and keep the promise

But perhaps not enough effort was not exactly

is no time to wait as I’m sure I could not do enough
I was sure enough of what was like someone
Maybe you do not understand what
Maybe you already have a boyfriend
or someone you loved
I can not say “I love you”

PS I love you “I’m online” mean I love you.

of a person wrote to me saying … The evidence

like me … my pride … it
Want to show off to everyone: D

Indeed. I’m still not ready the first couple
Wait … I’ve finished university exam …
Wait … I have the HN nhaz World

tea lady Kom

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