I'll never understand me!

” I I will never understand “that’s what I remember most about you when I decided to leave the company where I worked and I was more than a year. But now I’m back and know that my work will face many difficulties and deadlock …

I do at the planning department, the company is recognized many orders that the factory’s ability is limited, so when I returned to the work of re-examination has been my boss, “Army” to a single row followed the progress of late. The situation I already know the company before going back but I still come back. Be my friend scolded me stupid, but just because they accept.

I accept gently quit a job to return to a place where my mind always have to strain to supply just be near me! Whereas what I was when I was not happy with me and always occurs between two people debate, argument … so many times I ask you to accept me but I always avoided answering the question it. When you love someone, I always respect my ep so I’m not smart, but you must accept it that you can also let me know what is going on, I may not have that kind of person your child but I can say to me … At that time, received a disclaimer though, than to blindly accept the silence of the children! should do so they understand that heart and my feelings of love for you so long?

I know my family is Christian so hard to accept a Buddhist but I know that my family will accept me Christian if you marry me? I really do not know what I was thinking again? If accepted, then why do you always hide in charge of residential care, my love?

Now I do not know how to do anymore. If you continue to pursue the examination results will go to where? I can not run forever as a shadow that people do not take your love to be … I have to do? How do you understand that to heart and emotion of my love for you so long?

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