I'll always remember him

a month … 2 months … 3 months … every day and in turn passed it every day, I found myself on more than both body and soul and most obvious thing you realize that the ghost of that he has gradually carved deep into the heart, in memory … I’ll always remember him … … remember the first day we are together, feeling warm and happy to know how? …
I remember the first time he asked me, surprised and confused …. Remember these words …
estimated date for a future wide open … …
sure every word and love forever … Remember those times …
fights, where anger is not only to laugh together and feel more love, more respect for each other …. …
Remember the days of two children messaging each other every hour, a series of messages you delete any ball, at times sad to see the new re … Remember the feeling of panic when I know I still hide many things, but does not understand why pain? ..
Remember each time he asked to speak “remember me?”, “Love him no more?”, “His wife agreed to it?”. Why you like the child is saying? I also know from talking, but … rùi. But feeling embarrassed in front of words that I still remember … …

I still miss him every day, every time you think of me, I laughed my self again, happy to hear that you have children who are remembered for their collection … … I know other people care, listen and learn to share …. simply because they want his attention, he would listen and share with you all even small things outside …. … I was uncomfortable talking about his ex-girlfriend to me, but has a past, but I still feel there is something nasty and do not like. But I still listen, because I know that’s what he said, that’s sad that people give him and also let you know that do not repeat those things to me ….
But brother! … … Whatever though … I always expect him to me! … I’ll be honest with you not? Do not deceive me anything is not? … I will not love anyone other than me? … I have promised despite the difficulties lie ahead of you will pass, he’ll never let go of my hand, he will forever be with me but not you? …. I love someone with all my heart ..!

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