I love you … I love you … and … I love you!

If life, someday, to the last moments of my life, I only have enough breath to say a last sentence it will be the same: “I used to live in this world, and I love you”
5 years passed, we have to know how many changes. But do you know! there is an unspoken love I sign my heart … Just wait, just hope, quietly going on with me that they were filled with poignancy. I do not understand why I so stupid? Why am I so shy? for many years went by and still no one saying that I love you. Why am I so stupid when we’re going to be far apart, I started feeling that sorry for her!

I understand what life must bet. When you can bet you’ll be back what you want, or take what they are. Love too! When I love you, I had to choose I would say that their feelings or kept quiet so it went cold over the years. I conceptualist, I am afraid that if they can speak out will be rejected. I was afraid I would not be able to withstand Add it! My love for you no words can express DC. I really love you. I always wished that one day will be going with me to walk through life! I always wished that I would be the main man of my life, who will cover for transporting children, who will bring happiness to my life! But …

Do you know what to think, the concerns that had haunted me in sleep. I always dreamed a dream that I will stand before you, so close … so the distance is only a breath, my tongue may have heard the melody, but my heart was singing, so I see ADDRESS the longing in her eyes looking confused’re crazy … And … I’ll say I love you!

I care about my collection with the goal of my life , that I want is a good man, a strong man, bravery and “perfect.” Do you know that I set a goal for me is that anyone not? because I know! I want my shoulders to be so strong they can rely on, is one powerful enough to put me through the difficulties in life. And best of all is that I wish I would not inferior to you !!!… I do all that for you, because I love you!

Quick Time is drifting slowly on the day s! I’m still trying to get the courage to speak out to you all. If not I am afraid that later I will not chance again. I do not want to hurt her left breast again when regrets rushing back again. No!

I’ll say! I must say! I love you …….

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