I – I – you

goodbye first love, he came to me and gently place based for me. Previously, I also feel that he is for me but I avoided. And so, the message, he calls on me more and more …

Every night, I expect the message from his line. I changed his name in the phone book from this name by another name and last name is shmily (See How Much I Love You).
UK – an energetic, passionate about the work.
Then the message that he intended to do more and less. I do not blame him because he has his job. Then our relationship is not well known. I do not want to publicize his story and I love …

England – one who always makes me laugh.
I love him more and more. I felt terrible when I remember the weekend he and I are not met. But I dare not say this to you know because … I’m a girl. I know there are many nights to light his way to work and study. I love you so much. At times like these, I wished I could be here to take care of him. I know I do this because all are for his future so I do not blame him when the message that every night I wish no more.

Please make your life more beautiful, sisters!

I thought our love would not have prevented any problem. And actually the opposite. When I told my friend that I know each other and he left her she had the very, very strange attitude. I know in my heart that you are also suffering very much, you love him unilaterally – is probably your first love. From when I say this to you, you do not want to talk to me, do not want to look at me. Are you angry, I bear for love can not share, to love someone, the person receiving. You do that, I felt very guilty but I also think you are terribly angry when you look that way to me. What I do not blame you, when you feel more comfortable, I was willing to speak with you. Make your life more beautiful, sisters! Petit

* * * I must say thank you or apologize?
I know I love you
Tuesday Letter to
If you are selected!

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