I do so wrong why?

The phone itself is the reason that from the fourth day, just occasionally I see him going up and open there any messages for me not. Yet he too indifferent even a message that he has little narrow for my age anymore.
Jim! I did not know well yet? Hay fever was still high on his last fight it? I know you sick, but because the remote so I can not care for him, you know sad day you should also ask him to call, so that I thought he was doing something to compensate for the days that he this. No doubt he mad at me just as rough and nasty hang around anymore. He did not know at that time I felt as if the very abundant, very silly. At that time I’m sad he texted me even more cold.
You know you love me take care of his children without being seen as not so much loss? Why even as a loving message for me asking him not to win there. Do not know when to do so. He has mistaken me for one time but because I love you can forget all ignored. He had stopped his arms in the hands of children but with other girls. I also really rather painful, but I thought it was far away while his son emotional deprivation he sometimes is not pleasant. I do not blame him angry but why I do not care for him do not worry for me at this moment, but perhaps not all what you have done in recent years is wrong why? Words of encouragement, comfort and care for him with the message, the words of reminding me why he is wrong? I did not understand and absolutely do not understand? Maybe I was wrong.

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