I assured my dear nhé

I ah,

He was pretty much over then, he was acquainted with all the work without children. He found himself still can do a minute though that my heart ached when I thought about accidentally.

Monday afternoon when he walked through the market saw “sapodilla” first fruits which I like. He pleased as anyone used the needle on, because I know I loved you like to eat “sapodilla” but never he never bought me eat. He had counted at this, his garden is not large, but he will plant a tree on that delicious persimmons, when it is left as well as his love and flower children, they will enjoy home the sapodilla tree he planted, as well as the taste of love for you.

Apparently someone accidentally met the man will feel he is very dry, but I know I do not think he is like you know I love living in harmony with others. He also has many defects, he or alcohol, he or combative fighting, he likes to resolve conflicts with my legs ….. but ah, the boys. They can not use words were, like, fight back only rarely finished visiting long.

I know his weaknesses and he also tried to have completed their star You can worthy. For one day you find that he is a perfectionist you proud of me with my family and my friends.

Even today when he is not there always will be remember the words you say, he will be advised and trying to improve herself. Current job is difficult but I’d managed to go through a day you see me in my subconscious a mistake again proud of him.

Love them very much his very dear ah
Tuanpa ( mr.tuan_pa @ yahoo.com )

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