Help him overcome timidity

Sitting together, then he was silent, meeting with friends when he afraid to speak, do you really discouraged! However, according to psychologist Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days: Strategies to find true love, the “courting” the shy guy are actually not really hard …
Kirschner said: “For this type of guy, you should keep an active role. Initially will be a little difficult, but just be “encouraged” in the right direction a bit, he will open the word, more open. “

1. Presence when he demonstrates

When demonstrates his forte, the shy, timid also become bold and confident. Confidence and comfort will help them speak and express ideas more fluently.

So, if you want to promote natural food lovers say longer hidden, be present in he demonstrates talent, such as in the marathon have him involved. Cheer in the air at the destination, before the audience admirers – including you – as he adds strength and will to express feeling smooth, clever.

2. Name or nickname of the guy

call him names directly prove that you pay attention to him, see him important. The name that makes him feel close, intimate and boldly he will exchange and share with you.

Increasing intimacy when you lovingly called him by nickname. Selected course clever nickname to highlight any special characteristics which guy.

3. He asked open questions

This strategy always bring positive results, helped initiate a dialogue, even with effective scarey guy. Are you open up, he’ll be spoiled after ordination.

You just put the usual questions like “his current job be?” Or “How to be a black belt karate skills while he had to do all day is it? “(if he is learning martial arts).

Avoid questions that he felt like was a job interview or currency … more like interrogating witnesses.

4. Create opportunities for him “hand chivalrous”

Author Kirschner also says: “Sometimes he strongly encouraged to speak, please try to ask him something to help, such as correction fears a computer or help you fix a door lock … From the instinct to herd He would love to help women. As of Support to help you, he’ll close and share more with you. “

5. Do not pity him praise

occasionally get one that does not like compliments. feeling happy will make him more confident, tend to talk more and sometimes inspired even more “three flowers” too.

The secret of this strategy is a compliment to be honest. When feeling compliment implied flattery not lie, he will be mute as mussels and your strategy is counterproductive

To compliment effectively, you should pay close attention to what men do to make your very special praise, such as “blog about his recent tours Breathtaking result, reading is just the way I want to know! “, or” I liked his new glasses too, so how trendy! Today he helped me choose which glass nhé !”…

6. Explore common interests

Understanding and working together for the common interests of culinary as well as hobby and entertainment. Know he also love Korean food, ask him to view with you to discover a new Korean restaurant open on weekends or not. And then you’ll get kimchi sip while listening to him ramble on Korean cuisine dishes

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