Happy Birithday I love you

Thousand greetings and best loved. Wished to be together at this time his children, they will blow out his candles on the cake pink cute.

To the troubles and worries melt by candlelight, then tomorrow it will await his life with a bright future, filled with happiness. Some people say that when you really love adventure, but I know he really is half of the children, a tall shadow parts so I can lean throughout life. I’m really happy, now that my heart has been tied to our own heart beats the same air.

Sometimes I thought, thank heaven he has put his life to the children, to his outstretched arms warm welcome you into my heart. His strong, steady, at least give you wings, but words of love, concern, worry for you so much.

child, as her pet child, or with vague anger, then you are deserted, no see the gentle smile, not his warm voice, I felt lonely, empty, and heart felt love to him more.

not there to pick up a birthday, but just blew the candles and pray you very much, please pray for our love her all the best, then one day I will be together, pray together under flickering candle and I will whisper in his ear: I love you, love so much.


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