Happiness is just far away!!

Happy Where Do?

The unilateral? he was awake endless nights trying to define the word love. In the dark depths he has tried to estimate, she hopes there will be a day that you can change the heart can return to his side.
But all is an illusion to a non-existent love him exhausted to cry for love for you, want to close my eyes to forget the ghost of you, want to bring love into the depths of his life.

friends still recommend he quit to start my new life, but how can I forget you when every day, every day they appeared before him. He just said give me loving eyes looking at me and quietly away from his life.

He had fallen down the abyss of despair, he resolved to try to leave you regarded you as a friend, trying to look at me like normal friends but he could not understand myself anymore I still love dc, love more deeply and passionately.

Every time you make me he laughs himself to give her a hope, he tried to turn your smile into a bridge for us to love. But the bridge that vanishes into nothingness just to know I’m lonely inside this inner world, the world’s only you and hurt more and more about me leave me.
I do not want to be 3 and he did not know there must be the 3rd or not. I just want him to hear me say anything I think and rescue him from suffering.
Everyone says I love you just take, but their suffering until now he has not understand why … Why so? I have given all my heart for you I will wait ……. wait forever and will forever love you love you ………..” better to receive than to suffer never knew you “
By lovebird_110

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