Goodbye, I – my first love!

accidentally Time has really let me see him and it accidentally more to heart your name engraved. He had come like a wind, then went away as well as a wind. The wind to blow through my heart and warmth of love and then it goes back to the icy heart of a fledgling. Everything you’ve ever felt from wind is now only void, only the very edge of the empty heart. He was sobbing every day, every hour and called his name – went through the wind.

I do not know the wind should thank them or to hate it. You know love will turn into hate when people betray it and make it broken. He says he loves me and he has also drawn many good things for the future of their own 2. And then I had believed he was the happiest man in this world.

I also imagine many things in the future that he has painted, it has children, he and happy home he had built up in my imagination. Yet now it has been wrapped and erase all with three words “I’m sorry” Yeah. He faults what, what, who is my fault because I love you too – love to blindly without knowing the results of this then it will look like. I already love him and trust him that nothing could be hindering your love for him. But at the same time I also learned that, all my effort to nurture our love is just hopeless. You and I are two world, two different people – we are not sharing anything. Age, status, thoughts have made you can not love him. Now he must apologize that I, I just keep the peace of mind, do not think at the end and happy person – who has given his whole life for him.

Goodbye him,

goodbye my love, goodbye

first love,

and goodbye to a past of my grief.

she was proud of his period


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